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by: till

TF2 - 3ds max realtime shader
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3ds Max TF2 realtime shader build with shaderFX

While Im working on some custom models for TF2 I thought it would be faster to see the TF2-shader already in the max viewport.

Info: I'm discontinuing verson 0.2x because it is now implemented into my toon shader.

Update: v0.32:
+ Vertex color support.
+ Fixed a bug in connection with the shading ramp

- in 3ds max 2012: disable NITROUS display drivers and change back to direct3D!
- you have to apply a diffusemap, normalmap and a ramp texture, without these textures the shader won't work.
- if the shader still does not work, add a texture to every material port. If this doesn't help too, drop me a line, thx!

Again thx to Lumonix for this great app.

DOWNLOAD (v0.32)

it should work in max8/max2008/max2010 - maybe in other versions of max too, but I haven't tested it

on the left is v0.32 and on the right the real tf2 shader

material rollout

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i failed on how to setup the rendering..i need after i chaged the material shader to directX then its just nothing

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fuckin wow

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