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by: till

3ds Max - Maxscript _ 3DZ importer / exporter for European Air War
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3ds Max - Maxscript :: 3dz(txt) importer & exporter

(for European Air War by Microprose)

This importer and exporter reads and writes 3dz-txt files convertet with 3dz-Converter 1.8 developed by Alessandro Borges.
After exporting from max you have to recompile the .txt file to a .3dz.

Because max canīt handle polygones like EAW does, there might be some changes to the models if you import them (esp 2 polygones sharing the same vertices are split into more if necessary)

Iīve tested the script with max 8 and max2008 32bit, so I canīt guarantee itīs working in another version of max. Youīll have to try it by yourself. But I think you need at least max 8.



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