DARK GRAY - Borderworlds

DARK GRAY - Borderworlds - A MechCommander 2 Campaign
screenshot: prologue mission
The Campaign
screenshot: desert mission
New Buildings
screenshot: the capital mission

2013, Till 'rollin' Maginot
Original MechCommander 2 content 2000 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved


- You don't need the original MechCommander 2 to run this campaign.
Just download the zip, extract it where you want and start the game.
- Install vcredist_x86.exe if you haven't already (it's in the zip).
- If possible, don't use quickload (it tends to break movement path scripts)
- If quickload crashes the game.. restart and try again! (it does work)
- Dark Gray - Borderworlds is based on wolfman-MC2X (R20).

v1.4 | ca 442MB

update from v1.3

- 5 very unique locations.
- Different map sizes reaching from small ones for fast fights to big ones for complex tactical battles.
- All maps were made with the effort to look better then the original Carver V maps. Decide for yourself!
- Complex scripts and mission goals with several sub objectives

- 18 new building models with unique textures for complexer and more realistic looking cities.
- Higher diversity for several functional buildings like oil rig, HQ or warehouse
- Optimized texture and polygon budgets for a good performance.
- Destruction models and night lights.